Community and business leaders across the city have recognized the value of an extended light rail transit system.

Here is what they are saying.

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) has one of the busiest pediatric Emergency rooms in the country, treating more than 69,000 patients each year, as well as 171,000 clinic visits. With Stage 2 of LRT providing world-class rapid transit to our city, families will be able to access the hospital faster than ever before, making their lives just a little easier. And reducing automobile use will benefit air quality and the environment – helping to keep kids healthier.

photo Christine Kouri

Christine Kouri, BscN, MHA, Manager for Patient Experience, CHEO

Connecting people to places quickly, comfortably and sustainably is what LRT is all about. We, here in Westboro, support and heartily welcome Stage2 LRT! We can’t wait to welcome all the people of Ottawa and those visiting our beautiful capital city, to come on board to Westboro, and explore, shop, dine, see and be seen in our exciting, trend-setting neighbourhood.

photo of Mary Thorne

Mary C. Thorne, Executive Director, Westboro Village BIA

The Société franco-ontarienne du patrimoine et de l’histoire d’Orléans (SFOPHO) (a Franco-Ontarian heritage and historical society of Orléans) is pleased to support Stage 2 of the Light Rail Transit (LRT). With the LRT, Orléans will benefit from a modern and efficient transit system. It will tremendously advantage residents who travel to other parts of the City for work, study or entertainment. It will encourage visitors to explore our part of the City and attract new businesses and governmental institutions to locate here. Orléans is a francophone stronghold in Ontario and has a lot to offer socially, economically and culturally. With the arrival of the LRT, Orléans, with more than 52% of our population bilingual, will be a model Canadian community, building our future on inspiration from our rich history and living heritage.

photo de Nicole Fortier

Nicole Fortier, President, SFOPHO

Situated in the heart of Canada’s capital, Fairmont Château Laurier has occupied its prime location for over 100 years. During this time, the city has experienced great growth and continues to evolve year after year.  Stage 2 of the LRT is the next step in connecting our city, making it a place where visitors and guests can more easily explore surrounding neighborhoods.  We are truly fortunate to have such a dynamic city and we can be proud of what has been accomplished thus far to help bring our communities together.

photo de Claude Sauvé

Claude J. Sauvé, General Manager, Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Our organization is honoured to be helping nearly 70,000 students prepare for their future. The ongoing expansion and improvements to public transit will help our students, staff and families in pursuing active and healthy transportation. Our recently adopted strategic plan highlights our own commitment to “model sustainability, smart energy use and sound environmental practices for our students.” The next phase of light rail is an important step as we all work towards creating safer and healthier communities!

photo of Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams, Director of Education, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

The expansion of the LRT is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative. It can potentially improve traffic congestion and generate interesting local economic opportunities. The project is particularly important because it will provide an easier access to jobs and education for the personnel and the students at La Cité. As a Stage 2 Rail expansion Champion, the College is proud to support the proposed expansion of the LRT.

photo Lise Bourgeois

Lise Bourgeois, President, La Cité College of Applied Arts and Technology

As one of the top 3 convention centres in the world, everything we do is focused on providing extraordinary guest experiences and ensuring our operations perform to the highest of standards. The extended light rail transit system is a fabulous addition to our City’s infrastructure and is key for our continued growth and success, especially as we grow our international convention market.  With easier access to the downtown core and a traffic-free commute, our delegates will enjoy our beautiful city and everything it has to offer, enhancing their experience as soon as they step foot in our nation’s capital.

photo Nina Kressler

Nina Kressler, CEO, Shaw Centre

The Stage 2 LRT expansion will help meet the transportation needs of our growing city. Better transit encourages active transportation like walking, and more pedestrian traffic will be a big boost for local businesses. With fewer single-occupancy vehicles on the road, we will reduce carbon emissions.

photo Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher, Ottawa Musician

With close proximity to three downtown stations, the Ottawa Art Gallery is a champion of Stage 2 of the Light Rail Project because it extends our reach further into the community by providing green and affordable transportation to Ottawa’s home for the arts!

photo Alexandra Badzak

Alexandra Badzak, Director and CEO, Ottawa Art Gallery

The LRT is a key element of Ottawa’s future as a world-class city. Growth needs to be accompanied by the appropriate infrastructure in order move people efficiently and sustainably. RGA is a business association with the mission of creating prosperity and quality. This is also what the LRT is bringing to Ottawa. The RGA has been a keen supporter of the LRT from the outset of the initiative. And now, the momentum should not stop. The LRT needs to be brought to its full implementation. Stage 2 Rail is the way forward!

photo Joanne Lefebvre

Joanne Lefebvre, President, Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la Capitale nationale (RGA)

By 2020, we will have over 100,000 people working in the Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict and coming from all over the region. Stage 2 will provide easy, accessible and affordable options to employees and visitors to downtown, especially those who cycle or walk to transit stations, take LRT downtown and walk to their final destination. Stage 2 will help us make Ottawa one of the greenest, most sustainable cities in Canada.

photo Don Grant

Don Grant, Executive Director, Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict

As the nation’s capital, we are proud to have national institutions, like our national museums, that all Canadians can enjoy. Having a world-class, sustainable rapid transit system to connect us will provide even greater access to residents and visitors to the Canadian Museum of Nature and all other cultural and educational institutions.

Photo of Meg Beckell

Meg Beckel, President & CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature

As an organization committed to inspired environmental action and positive change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are pleased to support the expansion of Ottawa`s light rail system. Stage 2 LRT will make it easier for residents to commute in a more environmentally friendly way, thereby improving air quality and reducing vehicle emissions.  Using alternative modes of transportation, such as public transit, biking, walking, carpooling or car sharing, is not only good for the environment, it saves money, boosts productivity, and has increased health benefits.

Photo of Mikael Murr

Michael Murr, Executive Director, EnviroCentre

Stage 2 of the LRT, will be critical to breaking down barriers of transportation faced by youth and students. The Carleton University Students’ Association is excited and supportive of the infrastructure that is going into transportation that will help empower our students across the city and provide them multiple cost effective modes of travel.

photo of Fahd Alhattab

Fahd Alhattab, President & CEO, Carleton University Students’ Association, Inc.

The Stage 2 LRT plan represents a significant step forward in connecting the vibrant neighborhoods of Ottawa with the residents and visitors who shop, eat, and play in our Nation’s Capital. Commercial areas like Wellington West offer a unique and truly local shopping destination, and Stage 2 LRT will make exploring the dining, shopping, and arts of Wellington West all the more accessible! Get ready to connect with your City!

Wellington West Logo

Zachary Dayler, Executive Director, Wellington West BIA

We are fortunate to live in a City and region that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Stage 2 will build on the benefits of the Confederation Line currently under construction, and it is easier than ever to get around the City. The new LRT extensions will help guests navigate Ottawa’s many neighbourhoods and tourist attractions both inside and outside of the core. The OGHA looks forward to Stage 2 implementation, as it will really help connect guests with all that Ottawa has to offer from Place d’Orleans to Bayshore and Baseline, and down to Riverside South.

Steve Ball photo

Steve Ball, President, Ottawa Gatineau Hotel Association

Orléans is experiencing massive growth and is heavily affected by traffic congestion in and out of the suburb. Stage 2 LRT will not only address some of the issues related to the rapid expansion in city suburbs, it will also contribute to the goal of the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to attract major knowledge-based employers to the area and to encourage the creation of new high quality jobs. This will further contribute to the economic development potential in Orléans, making it an ideal place to work, visit, live, and grow.

photo of Dina Epalé

Dina Epalé, Executive Director, Orléans Chamber of Commerce

Arts Centres are cultural destinations, connecting people with the Arts. We are absolutely thrilled to know that the STAGE 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) expansion of the O-Train system will create new opportunities for residents and visitors to explore the arts in our vibrant City. Whether you’re going to the Shenkman Arts Centre to visit the Trinity Art Gallery, planning to see a Fringe Festival performance at the Arts Court facility downtown, or off to Centrepointe Theatres to see your favorite artist perform, getting there will be easier than ever.

Centrepointe Theatre Logo

David Macdonell, Portfolio Manager Arts Centre, Centrepointe Theatres

Ottawa Festivals is pleased to support the Stage 2 expansion of the City’s O-Train system. Travelling on our convenient, safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly LRT system means expanded accessibility for local and visiting festival, fairs and special event-goers across our great City!

photo of Carole Anne Piccinin

Carole Anne Piccinin, Executive Director, Ottawa Festivals

We are excited about the possibilities Stage 2 will bring to the Heart of Orléans BIA and our larger community. Stage 2 will provide convenient transit for the many people who live here and work to the west, and help alleviate road congestion. Just as importantly, Stage 2 will provide an easy way for people all across Ottawa to explore our district and what it has to offer. By attracting more visitors and new businesses, LRT is important for our community, our district, and for continued economic development in Orléans.

Jasmin Brown photo

Jasmine Brown, Executive Director, Heart of Orléans BIA

LRT expansion is not simply a more efficient way to move people from point A to B. It is a catalyst for both economic and social development unlike anything else that has come before it. Algonquin College is proud to support the proposed expansion of LRT and is delighted to serve as a Stage 2 Rail Champion.

Cheryl Jensen photo

Cheryl Jensen, President, Algonquin College

From Orleans, to the ByWard Market, to Barrhaven, Ottawa should be a patchwork of compact town centres that are bustling with pedestrians and cyclists and connected by world class public transit. Stage 2 will help make this vision a reality and give people a fast and affordable alternative to cars.

Graham Saul photo

Graham Saul, Executive Director, Ecology Ottawa


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